Meet our team.

At the core of Good AI Capital is a multidisciplinary team of seasoned founders, deep technologists/scientists, and healthcare practitioners united by a drive to nurture the next wave of startups transforming lives through AI.

With grit from their entrepreneurial roots, vision for emerging frontiers, and an empathetic founder-first mentality, our team and partners provide the complementary guidance to propel portfolio companies from ambitious beginnings to enduring industry impact.

Core Team

Daniel Kwan, MD

Venture Partner

Darwin Ling

Founder/General Partner

Charles Wang


LP/Advisory Network

Eric S. Yuan

Founder & CEO, Zoom

Gokul Rajaram

DoorDash, Coinbase, Square

Leslie Bottorf

GE Healthcare Ventures, Medtronics

Jed Kay

Eli Lilly USA

Tim Draper

Investor, VenturesLab

Marc Carlson

Sr. Advisor to Chairman at Docusign

Prof. Utkan Demirci

Stanford Canary Center, Radiology

Prof. Roger Pedersen

Chief Scientific Advisor, BitBio; Stanford School of Medicine

Trevor Tam

Goldman Sachs

Dr. Sunil Prabhakar

Dean of Computer Science, Purdue

Zaizhuang Cheng

Co-founder, Spin (Ford Mobility)

Sanjay Sathe

Founder GenomeSmart, RiseSmart

Chee Mun Foong

CTO, MoneyLion

Jeff Holman

Citadel, Highbridge

Abhishek Pakhira

COO, Aureus Tech Systems

Dev Ashish

CIO, Clearchoice Dental

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2024 © Good AI Capital

2024 © Good AI Capital