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Unlocking nature's molecular marvels

Aether is harnessing nature's intricate molecular machinery through synthetic biology and machine learning to revolutionize industrial processes. By repurposing nature's building blocks, they are developing sustainable, efficient solutions across energy, materials science, and beyond.

Nature has evolved products that are far more complex than anything humans can build. At Aether, we are taking the machinery of nature from its biological content and engineering it to work for humans.

Pavle Jeremić
CEO, Aether


Reimagining delivery for a driverless world

Wireless phones, horseless carriages, driverless cars—we name things after what's removed! Without a horse, carriages evolved into sedans, semi-trucks, ATVs, Ferraris, Ducatis... Without drivers, cars too will evolve into new forms of mobility, most of which we have yet to think of.

Delivery services are moving two-pound burritos in two-ton cars and that doesn't make a lot of sense. It's incredibly inefficient.

Ali Kashani
CEO, Serve Robotics


Unlocking precision and scalability for gene and cell therapy delivery

While there have been great advances in gene and cell therapies, their delivery – doing chemistry inside living patients to make sure drugs go to the right place and not to the wrong place – remains a challenge.

The key to gene and cell therapies are delivery, delivery, delivery.

Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD
Scientific Advisor, Mekonos // 2022 Noble Laureate

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